Awesome People Reading Me - Are You Next?

Sunday, July 31, 2011

Thanks for not abandoning me


I've got to say, when I finally got into Blogger for the first time in 23 days, I was expecting my follower count to be severely depleted. But your all still here and thats so lovely!

I do have reasons for my absence. I moved house finally, and we have no Internet. Its difficult to do anything without the Internet these days. I feel like one of my fingers is missing - I'm still functional but it would be so much easier if I had that finger.

I start uni again tomorrow so hopefully I will blog some more in the coming week. I realise I haven't shared any Europe stories or photos with you, so I will endeavour to do this as soon as my computer is all connected at home.

Until then, much love

Friday, July 8, 2011

Honey, I'm Home!

Did you miss me?

Did you?

I bet you did.

Even if you didn't, I missed you.

It's true.

These weeks went by so fast and all of a sudden I'm back at "home", trying to figure out the next steps of my life. For once, I'm not planning stuff, and its ok. I think before I left, I was so stressed about everything that was going on that I started manically planning everything I could. Which stressed me out more.

Although, its early days so it might just be a post-holiday lack of planning mode, and we will be back into full force.

Let me catch you up. I'm not going to tell you about Europe in this post, because I'm still ridiculously jet lagged and you need to know what happened before I left.

So you know I had a crazy couple of days ahead of me, and I had to plan everything crazy so I could get it all done? And on top of that, I had a photo project planned?


Friday went well. Finished my exam, had lunch, packed stuff, partied etc. Good times.

Saturday was when I lost it. Packing and cleaning my room was hard. Really hard. I hadn't quite comprehended how hard it was to leave the place I had lived for the past 2.5 years, even though I hated it at the time. Plus I had so much fricken stuff!

My brother-in-law didn't arrive with his ute until 4pm, so I didn't leave for ages.... which stuffed up my getting ready for party and drive an hour for said party plan. I was so stressed, that when at The Boyfriends house, I yelled, cried and proceeded to give myself a blood nose that didn't stop gushing (not dripping, gushing) for an hour and a half. I ended up in the doctors office and didn't get to my party. I felt so incredibly guilty about this - I have never made it to this friends birthday parties and now I've missed her 21st :(

It all turned out good in the end though. I made it to Europe and had a wonderful time.

Which I'll you about next time ;)