Awesome People Reading Me - Are You Next?

Thursday, March 31, 2011

Everyone's Got a Story

Hello my little chickens!

I've been a bit out of the blogging world for a while now, not posting a lot, not catching up on everyones blog posts. Sorry about that. I promise to be better in the future.

I am now less wise (and yes I've heard all the jokes), 2 teeth less wise in fact. I tell you something. Everyone has a story about 'The Time They Got Their Wisdom Teeth Out'. As soon as you mention, 'Oh yeah, I'm getting my wisdom teeth out Friday, so won't be able to XYZ for X amount of time' you will hear the following phrases:

'Oh you poor thing, thats terrible! When mine came out, I swelled up and couldn't eat for days and I only had a local anaesthetic so it was far worse than a general'

'Oh you poor thing, thats terrible! When mine came out, I swelled up and couldn't eat for days and I had a general anaesthetic so it was far worse than a local'

'Well, when my husband/wife/child/friend/dog/boss/cousin/sister/pet fish got theirs out it was so bad for me because I only ate soup, because it was too hard to make anything else!'

'You'll be fine! When my husband/wife/child/friend/dog/boss/cousin/sister/pet fish got theirs out they just ate ice cream and jelly for a week and they thought it was great!'

'Don't worry, everything will be fine, its just a simple procedure'

Believe me, I heard every single one of these stories. And now, when someone says to me 'I'm getting my wisdom teeth out' I too, will have a story. 

I think the key phrases in my story will be: 'was terrified (see previous post)', 'the anesthetist was mean', 'the nurses were nice', 'they stuck the needle in my arm, not my hand and it hurt (see comment about anesthetist), 'as predicted, I sobbed uncontrollably upon coming out of the general', 'couldn't eat the jelly they gave me because I kept losing it in my numb mouth', 'the sheer number of pain tablets I had to take made me ill - so it was either horrible pain or a sick stomach', 'you get sick of mashed potatoes', 'your dad will eat both the special creme custard your nanna made you and the chocolate mousse your mum made you and think its funny' and 'you get to watch a lot of TV - in my case, dvds of the American version of The Office'. 

Recovery is imminent. My stitches came out of one side today and as soon as the other sides swelling goes down, we should be..... swell!!! Yes, bad joke I know.

Speak soon :) 

Thursday, March 24, 2011

A Big White Toothy Grin...... Or Maybe Just A Chipmunk

Yes, I know, I know.

I haven't blogged in a while. In my defence, I have been having a bit of a rough time lately. One of my friends (I won't say which) was hospitalized for a personal reason and it brought back a lot of memories and crap for me, which had nothing to do with her, just my own issues that probably should have been properly dealt with at the time, but I tend to be a bit of a deny-there's-a-problem-in-my-perfect-life kind of person.

Side bar: I was doing some reading last week and it was talking about a particular subset of people with depression, knowns as YASI's - young, attractive, successful, intelligent. In short, those people who you think have no reason to be unhappy with their life. And often it's harder for them to deal with it (depression) because they can see that their life is pretty awesome, and it causes a hell of a lot of cognitive dissonance when they aren't perfectly happy. I totally get these people. I think about how good my life is- wonderful boyfriend, good job, great friends, studying my passion, great supportive family - and I wonder 'why ami so often dissatisfied?'.

Ok, enough of the psychology lesson.


Right, tomorrow at 1pm I will have my very first operation ever. I have to get two wisdom teeth out (yes yes, I realize I am a freak because I only have two, the oral surgeon very nicely pointed that out to me). I am absolutely terrified. Not because it's dangerous or anything. The moment I'm really worried about is after they've given me the general anesthetic injection, right before I fall asleep. Just that moment of not being there but not being here. The twilight zone, if you will. For someone who is not a good sleeper as it is, it's a nervous moment.

Anyway, wish me luck - obviously I will be out of the blogging loop for a bit, but hopefully not too long!

Saturday, March 12, 2011

The Universal Day of Awesomeness

Hello everyone!

My friend Macka has created an event. He created this event some time ago. This event is to honour the copious amounts of awesomeness in the world. Are you awesome? Acknowledge and own your awesomeness.

This Tuesday, things will happen. It is the official Universal Day of Awesomeness. 

I encourage you all to mark your attendance on Facebook. Search The Universal Day of Awesomeness.

This event has over 12,000 people coming. Even if it wasn't already awesome (which as clearly implied by its name, it is), the sheer act of being able to create a Facebook event that has attracted this much attention is pretty awesome.

Macka - this is my shoutout to you. You. Are. Awesome. 


Wednesday, March 9, 2011

The New Look

Hi everyone

How do you all like the new look/name?

I feel that its a bit more versatile now, which gives me more freedom. Not that I didn't use the freedom before, but now I feel its legitimate :)

Promise a more interesting post soon, later this week ok?

Kisses xx

Sunday, March 6, 2011


I am thinking about changing the name of this blog.

What do you think?

I haven't come up with any alternative names yet, but I feel like the blog is less about students (as the name would suggest) and more theme-less - basically about whatever I feel like that week.

In an effort to be more structured as well, I am on the hunt for blog topics, or a list of topics or a blog challenge. If you know of any, or there is a topic you would particularly like me to talk about - let me know.

So what do you think? Should Student Myths Uncovered become...... something else?

Friday, March 4, 2011

The Knickers Vs Panties Debate

I detest the word 'panties'. 

It makes me physically ill. 

If we must talk about womens underwear, which being a prim and proper private school girl myself, I don't really like to do, I prefer the word knickers. Or undies. 

Not panties. 

My friends and I did an impromptu survey of this last year, after a few drinks. Turns out the world (aka The Murdoch Student Village population who happened to be walking around the Village on Mudrock night and deigned to speak to 3 very intoxicated screaming girls) is fairly divided on this issue. 

What do you call womens underwear? 

What do you call mens underwear? There isn't as big an issue here though, because they are either jocks or boxers. 

Short post tonight - I did a 20km (12 mile) bike ride this afternoon and I am SO tired! 

Speak soon

Ashleigh xx