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Thursday, May 26, 2011

Even the Best Fall Down Sometimes

Ever feel like you're drowning, yet you don't quite know why? 

I'm sorry I haven't been posting lately. Really truly, I am sorry. I've fallen behind on all my blog reading too, so I hope all of your lives are good right now. 

Its 2.5 weeks until the end of semester. 2.5 weeks until I finish my exams. 2.5 weeks till I move out of the Village. 2.5 weeks until I go to Europe. 2.5 weeks to cram a semester worth of knowledge for 3 units into my head. Its gonna be a big 2.5 weeks. 

I'm also tutoring at the moment. And trying to go to the gym (not happening so much lately, but I need to keep going. I feel ridiculously fat right now). And feeling like I'm failing at everything I do.

Logically, this isn't true. I mean, to an outsider my life is great at the moment. Exam wise - I've done so well in one of my units I have passed it without even sitting the exam. The other one, I only 7.5 marks to pass it. The last one, well, I sort of crashed and burned in that one. 18 marks needed. Yeah yeah, it doesn't sound like much, but I did really crap and only got 32/50 for the semesters marks. The final exam is worth 50%. 

Apparently, I have lost weight. I'm not so sure about this, but I'm beginning to think I have a really fucked body image. Or everyone is lying to me about how I look. I float between the two. I hurt my wrist at the gym before though, because just like I am prone to do, I pushed it too hard, and when it started to hurt, I just kept going. It was very strange, because even though I knew I should stop, I somehow couldn't make myself do it. It wasn't until I literally could not lift the weight anymore that I stopped. And even then, I felt like I hadn't had a good work out. 

Anyway, so on the surface, lifes good. Remember a few posts ago, I mentioned YASI's? The subset of depressives who are Young, Attractive, Successful and Intelligent? I feel like it applies to me a lot. Not because I'm depressed per se, but more that I feel like I am only just keeping everything afloat. Like any moment, that water that I'm so desperately treading is going to swallow me whole. But everything on the outside is so great, that I can't really express how I feel inside. And I'm not sure anyone would believe me anyway. Then I feel guilty, because my life is awesome. And get angry at myself for being so spoiled and self indulgent. It could be far, far worse.

I need a fricken holiday. I can barely bring myself to get out of bed in the morning. I studied in the library today, went home and curled into the fetal position and hid under my doona. My poor flatmate keeps trying to make me laugh and I feel like I'm on the verge of tears the whole time. 

Wow, this is a poor me post. We haven't had one of these for a while, have we? 

I guess it was just time.

I'll try and post again soon. 

Thursday, May 19, 2011

What is HR?

Do you know what HR is?

No seriously. Think about it. What is Human Resources? I'm guessing that the first things that came to your mind were hiring, firing, telling people off for not doing work etc. Basically the 'parent types' of an organisation.

People in HR constantly have to defend what we do - even though its such a huge field and pops up in pretty much every industry, people seem to have no idea what we do. Or they think what we do is meaningless - a 'soft' job if you will. Or what we do is just get in the way.

I was talking to someone the other day, who I just met, and I mentioned that I studied HR. He actually asked me, and I kid you not, 'You wouldn't have exams for HR would you? I mean theres nothing they can test you on'. I was so shocked I couldn't speak. How dare he imply my degree is 'untestable' and basically that my hard work is worthless?

So, in honour of the lack of knowledge of HR, I present to you....

Human Resources: What it is

' Human resources is the name of the function within an organization charged with the overall responsibility for implementing strategies and policies relating to the management of individuals (i.e. the human resources).'

In any business, people are your greatest asset. No matter how good your computer system is, no matter how good your product is, no matter how pretty your office is, without people, you have nothing. This could be 1 person, 2 people or 200 people. Having a Human Resource specialist, to ensure you have the best people, who have the highest productivity, as happy as possible, thereby staying productive, and doing things the most profitable way, without killing themselves, therefore churning out the highest productivity, is pretty friggen important.

I will take a list from Wikipedia detailing what HR people do with my comments in italic:

  • Maintaining awareness of and compliance with local, state and federal labor laws - yes, this is important, otherwise you are in breach of that thing called the law, and will be fined and spend time in jail. Have you ever tried to interpret an award, or a industrial relations law? Its not easy yet HR people know how to do it for you - and do it right.
  • Recruitment, selection, and on boarding (resourcing) - this is hiring. Basically making sure you have the best employees in your business as possible, which will make you more money.
  • Employee record-keeping and confidentiality - it is illegal to keep certain types of information and it is illegal to give information to anyone other than the employee in question (with a few exceptions). Record keeping is vital - how else are you going to know how much money you paid for that workers compensation claim, or how many warnings that employee has gotten?
  • Organizational design and development - this is the processes that workers engage in, in order to gain the best outcome for the organisation.
  • Business transformation and change management - in general, people don't like change. Change can cause negative outcomes for a business. HR manages people through the change, whether it be a new computer system or a whole new management system or shifting to a new department, and ensures the intended outcomes are reached. 
  • Performance, conduct and behavior management - this is the naughty stuff. If you spend 90% of your time on Facebook at work - HR will get involved. They also ensure no one is behaving inappropriately, and on the flipside - recognise when work is being done well. If you are performing well and HR knows about, chances are it will come up in your next performance review and that could mean a promotion or pay rise. 
  • Industrial and employee relations - negotiating with unions, making sure everything is legal, managing industrial action etc etc 
  • Human resources (workforce) analysis and workforce personnel data management - you know when companies boast that 40% of all senior management are females? Or a workplace audit takes places and its discovered the company has been deliberatly hiring juniors to pay them less? And how the company knows everything about you - work history, medical stuff, performance reviews, salary etc? HR controls all of that info, and in the case of the audit, works to fix it by creating goals for workplace diversity 
  • Compensation and employee benefit management - money money money, its so funny, in a HR world! This also relates to other non-salary benefits, such as a car parking space, or a fancy office, or a health care programme
  • Training and development (learning management) - have your skills been lacking in something lately? Perhaps you'd like to move into a different area and need a certificate to do so? Or maybe a new system was implemented at work and no-one knows how to use it. HR will teach you what you need to know.
  • Employee motivation and morale-building (employee retention and loyalty) - Many people feel a bit blah at work. Unless you truly love what you, which lets face it, not a lot of people do, it can be hard to stay motivated. HR makes an effort to keep employee motivation up through various initiatives, and working with the management team.
So you see, HR is a real discipline and is vital for all workforces. Without your people, you don't have a business, but without HR, you don't have people. Or you might have people but they are incorrectly paid, unmotivated, untrained and severely lacking in compliance.

To this end, I would like to shout out to the guy who asked me whether or not there were exams in HR:


When I'm sitting on a recruitment committee and you come looking for a job, guess whose not going to get it?

Friday, May 6, 2011

Top 10 Guilty Pleasures - Lu3Lu from Lu3Lu's Crossing!

Hello again!

I would like to introduce Lu3Lu from Lu3lu's Crossing! She has such a sweet blog, with her inspirational posts and pretty pictures. If you ever want to feel good about yourself, and about the world, head over there!

1) Vampire Diaries
I have this joke that I wish Vampire Diaries would become like Days of our Lives and have an episode everyday for the rest of our lives. It's crazy but I absolutely love this show, like nothing no one says will get me to think otherwise.

Not only because Vampires are so in right now, but there are two sexy vampires that I get to look at and swoon over nearly everyday. How can I say no!

2) Disney Channel
I don't really watch cartoons, although I could sit through an episode of Phineas and Ferb and not complain a bit, but I do love Hannah Montana and Wizards or Waverly Place, Sonny with A Chance and Jonas LA, basically I just love love love all these teeny bopper shows on Disney.
I've been told I'm too old, and that I'm crazy for even being interested in them but what can I say they make me laugh.
Sometimes I even set my alarm for the next morning because I don't want to miss and episode and over sleep.

3) Cocktails
I could go out for cocktails everyday if I had the chance. There is just something so glamorous about saying 'I'm going for cocktails', my favorite has always been Sex on the Beach but I love trying out new ones. In fact writing this makes me feel like a cocktail right now, anyone up for drinks?

4) Potato Chips
I can never order any meal without chips even if it's a salad there HAS to be a side plate of chips. The meal just seems incomplete without it. I love them, but I feel guilty about it because of the carbs! I can go through two plates of chips.

5) Sleeping with the lights on or the TV light on
I'm not one of those people that has to have the light off in order to sleep. I kind of like light, the darkness freaks me out, and I get scared easily so I guess ever since I was a child I always felt better sleeping with the light on and I've never really stopped.
Sometimes I feel uber bad for leaving the light on so I just 'forget' to switch off my TV instead.

6) Free things
Who isn't a sucker for free things.

7) Tall men
I am pretty tall, and with heels even taller so I get excited when I see tall guys. Obviously not freakishly tall but taller than me both with and without heels.
Also, weird fact.... I like feeling short. I have a friend that says Your  tallness is such a great quality about you, and even though I love it, I love feeling short. I wouldn't mind standing around a group of tall people.

The boy is tall so I'm happy.

8) Cyber Stalking
It's not so bad, but when I get bored I like to 'check up on' old friends and sometimes people that aren't even my friends. It's fun.
I guess it's good that I am not bored all the time.

9) Long steamy showers
I just love showers, hot hot hot showers. Kind of just takes me into another world.
The boy always says I take longer showers than I need to, and I do kind of feel guilty for using that much water, but I can't help it.
I feel great after and during the shower.

10) Watching people fight
This may sound crazy but it's not what it sounds like..... or really sounds like.
I find watching shows like Jerry Springer hilarious because it's just a bunch of people arguing and fighting.
I don't like shows like boxing or wrestling though, I don't like seeing people get hurt.

Head over to Lu3Lu's Crossing to read more!

If you would like to guest post for me, with your top 10 Guilty Pleasures, another Top 10, or a different topic altogether, shoot me an email with a photo and I'd be happy to link it back to you!

Top 10 Guilty Pleasures - Lea from Becoming Super Mommy!

I would like to introduce Lea, from Becoming Super Mommy!

I've only just started following her blog, but it is fantastic! I urge you all to check our the latest post, Supermommy vs Tech Support, where she has to argue the existence of October 1, 2009. 

My Top Ten Guilty Pleasures
1. Candy bars.  I hide them everywhere.  I have a stash in the cupboard where I keep the spare extension cords, in my underwear drawer, and in my least-used pocket in my backpack.  I also have a few kitchen hiding spots, a pocket in my purse, and a conveniently placed pile of papers near my desk in which there is frequently a hidden piece of chocolate.  I'm not constantly eating it, but once in a while I get the bug, I but TONS of candy bars, and then I hide them.  And then, whenever I'm having a bad day or a rough time with homework or my kids won't let me eat dinner... I eat a candy bar instead.

2. The song, "Somebody to Love" by Queen.  I will sing this song so loudly that it shakes the windows.  One of my daughters is terrified- I wouldn't be surprised if she grows up to have a Freddy Mercury complex.  But singing along to that song just kind of makes me feel awesome.

3. John Fluevog shoes.  Best. shoes. ever.  SO expensive, though!  I buy a pair for myself every year for my birthday, and it's always an agonizing choice.  But now I have five pairs, and I adore all of them.  Guilt when it happens, sure.  But no regrets.

4. Sleeping in past my husband on weekends.  On weekdays, he's up and out of the house before our kids wake up.  It sucks, but it's true, and then the girls wake up and then I wake up and take care of them before I go to school.  But on weekends, I like to lay in bed and let HIM take care of the dirty diapers and the early morning silliness.  And I lay in bed as though I'm getting some sort of nice break, even though I'm the one who sleeps in all week anyway.  And it's awesome.

5. Blasting the music in my car.  I don't care where I'm going or how slow, if the music's too loud you're too old.

6. "America's Next Top Model."  Seriously, that show is addictive.  It's a problem.  You'd never guess looking at my crazy hippie clothes or my unwashed hair that I was obsessed with barely-legal toothpick girls covered in make-up and engaging in dumb petty drama, but there you have it.

7. Cheese.  Fancy cheese.  GOOD fancy cheese.  Stilton, roquefort... the stinkier, the better.   Especially if it's not from cow milk.  They know me on sight at the Whole Food's cheese counter.  I could set myself a weekly cheese budget and it would be significantly more than what I spend on clothes, books, and booze.  Combined.

8. Facebook Scrabble.  Have I ignored my children throwing their food all over the place while I tried to find the perfect place to play my seven letter word more than twice?  Oh yes.  Yes, I have indeed.  Bingo!

9. Zombie comics and movies.  Yes, I am a hippie, crunchy, progressive lady.  And yes, I love reading comics where people have their limbs eaten in front of their families.  "The Walking Dead" is pretty much the best comic ever.  And "Sean of the Dead" is near the top of my list of favorite movies.

10. Coming home from school and telling my husband how stupid all the other students are.  Which, of course, they are.  But it's not nice, and I wouldn't ever do it to their faces.  I'm small and they could kick my ass.

Lea's blog can be found at 

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Thursday, May 5, 2011

Snaps for Ashleigh!

I'm so excited! I just got my first ever blog award from the ever lovely Ever Perceived! Thanks so much!

So the rules of this award state I have to list 7 things about me:
1. I cannot stand seafood or mushrooms. I'm fairly sure this makes me a failure in my fathers eyes as he is an avid fisherman and diver, and we constantly have a large supply of fish and crayfish in our house. And mushrooms.... well, they're fungus? Who wants to eat that? And they smell. **Shudder**
2. As you might already know, I am obsessed with Friends. I have watched all seasons many a time, and can recite whole scenes.
3. I am a pretty epic cook. I usually just make recipies up, unless it's something I haven't made before, and can usually remember it the second time around - at which point I edit them to make them better.
4. I take short showers. I just don't see the point of hanging around in there for ages. Get in, wash hair, wash body, rinse, get out. I can do this in 5 minutes. If I have to shave my legs however, it takes a bit longer - probably because I'm so lazy that by the time I get around to do I need a deforestation license and protest groups spring up.
5. I have a belly button piercing. This came about through a bet with my dad when I was 14 - if I could achieve dux of year 9, I could get my belly button pierced. I don't think he was expecting me to pull it off, apparently the look on his face was gold.
6. I not only study full time at uni, I work 3 days a week in an office and do a part time TAFE course - plus manage a fairly active social life. No wonder I'm always exhausted!
7. I've been hanging out for a blog award ever since I found out they exist! So happy I finally have one!

Now who to pass this on to?
The De-Student - your blog is so funny, and I love your drawings!
Lulu's Crossing - you have such a sweet blog, I love your inspirational posts - they make my day that much better :)
The Odd Duck - I wasn't sure whether to give you one, as you seem to get them all the time lol! But I decided you are very worthy, and I truly love your blog. So happy we have the bookclub together
Sometimes Blonde - I love hearing about your wedding, you sound so creative!
Hummingbird's Song - The Little Lion sounds adorable, and I love reading all your posts, but particularly your Baking Bliss and Polly Dolly!

So there you have it! I will get onto posting the 10 guilty pleasures of a few readers soon - I have no internet at home at the moment, so connections have been difficult.

Speak soon!