Awesome People Reading Me - Are You Next?

Characters Sometimes Appearing In This Blog

Flying Monkey - male, early twenties, American/Australian, ex flatmate, one of my best male friends even though he can be a truly horrible person, great drinking buddy. Sadly, he is currently 'finding himself' (my words, not his) in America, and I miss him a lot.

Horny Frog - male, early twenties, French.

Drunken Leopard - male, Indian, early twenties, tries to be mean to everyone (and actually is sometimes) but there's just something about him we just love

Blonde Wolf - female, mid twenties, Swedish, one of my best friends, does the same degree as me!When we first met, and realised we did the same degree (which is quite an unusual combination), we were hideously girly and squealed and chatted for about an hour.

True Blue Kangaroo - female, early twenties, Australian, my oldest friend. We met when we were 13 and have stayed together ever since. She lived in my little town and we went to the same school together. No matter how long it is between seeing each other, it always feels like it was yesterday.
Charismatic Eagle - female, mid twenties, German, one of my gym buddies. We became firm friends very quickly.

Smoochy Fox - female, mid twenties, French, one of my best friends. We go to the gym together regularly, and it is a strange day when we don't have contact, whether it be text or face to face. I actually miss her, whenever I don't see her for more than a day.

NOTE: All characters currently attend my university (except True Blue Kangaroo) and all live in the Village (except True Blue Kangaroo and Blonde Wolf).

Names have been changed to protect the (not so) innocent.