Awesome People Reading Me - Are You Next?

Monday, August 15, 2011


So here I am, take 2.

It feels like forever ago was my last post, but when I checked it had actually only been 2 weeks. I have to confess, I've actually been thinking about closing the blog. I felt like my heart wasn't in it, you know? But, I have decided that no, I will not close the blog. It has been such a comfort to me over the past year, just being able to write down thoughts, no matter how stupid (yes even the one of the validity of the word panties) and know that people are reading what I say.

It was my birthday 4 days ago. I am officially over 21. As my dad would say 'When you're free, white and over 21, you can do whatever you want'. Yes it may be a bit of a racist comment, but it does seem to ring true for me. I don't feel much different for being over 21, although I do seem to think I should be a bit more 'adult'. Uni will be done in a year, and its time for me to knuckle down and get some good grades and hopefully have a graduate position lined up. I have a couple of interviews this week for vacation work so we will see where that goes.

I have a house. Rent gets paid every fortnight. I worry about turning the lights off. I own a slow cooker (albeit a birthday present). I don't actually want to go out partying. Am I old? Or mature? This is not a sudden change that has taken place, its has been happening for a while. Maybe I'm just realising it more now.

Or maybe, I'm being one of those really annoying people who blather on about how old they are, when in fact they are pretty young, and how much more mature they are, when really they continue to make the same mistakes over and over. Yeah thats probably what I'm doing.

Until next time,

(slightly older and no wiser)