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Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Here we go..

Ok so I've never done this before - and I don't even know if anyone is out there reading? 
I'll start with my basic stats - I'm at uni (obviously), doing a Bachelor of Commerce - Human Resource Management and Psychology. I live in the student accommodation on campus. I turned 20 not long ago. 

So I was procrastinating today - I had an advertisement analysis to do for a Psychology class - only 1500 words but you know some days you just can't be bothered - particularly when it is such a beautiful day and I can hear all the American exchange students mucking around in the pool. I grudgingly signed my contract for next year in the Village and my contract to stay here over Summer. I've been trying for the past few weeks to get out of this place, and have finally resigned myself to the fact I'm just going to have to stick it out a bit longer. Anyway, so I decided that it was time to finally put down on paper my 10 year plan/list. I figured turning 20 was a milestone in a way and for me, probably more of a milestone than 21 will be (coz the drinking age and everything in Australia is 18 - so, been there, done that) and it was time I figured out what I want out of life. I figured this would be a 10 minute activity, but it was surprisingly difficult. Who knows exactly what they want to do in the next 10 years? I decided I would have some major goals on there that I wanted to achieve and then fill the rest up with things that I wanted to just do/have. So after Googling for ideas, it is definitely a work in progress but I'm quite proud of it. 

- Get my Bachelor degree (June 2012 is my expected graduation date, so fingers crossed)
- Get my Masters of Human Resource Management (I recently found out when I graduate with my BComm I don't actually get to wear the hat - and I want a hat dammit! So I have to complete my Masters - plus I get the little letters after my name AWESOME!)
- Own an apartment (preferably inner city, like the ones on Friends if possible LOL)
- Travel 
- Own a silver BMW convertible 
- Get a kitten (as I have zero interest in children, I think I'll go with a fur-child)
- Have my company - Samash Consulting - Innovative HR and Recruitment Solutions (or at least be well on my way)

SIDE GOALS - but no less important
- Bet on a winning horse (I have appalling luck)
- Create my family tree
- Have an emergency fund that will cover 3-6 months of living expenses ICE (that's just good sense)
- Sky dive
- Have a snow ball fight
- Be on a TV show as an 'expert'
- Go skinny dipping (yes I can't believe I've never done this either)
- Take a road trip
- Do a bike tour in a foreign country
- Hold a spider
- Bungee jump
- Have a vegie garden
- Give a speech in a public place or at a large event 
- Donate and get my name on something e.g. a bench etc
- Go to the Olympics (2012 is probably out, but theres still 2016 and 2020)
- Swim with dolphins
- Volunteer for a charity
- Own a university jumper
- Travel with friends
- Take a cooking class in a foreign country
- Lose my bogan accent!
- Learn to change a tyre
- Fly a plane
- Get health insurance
- Be a mentor
- Live by myself for at least 6 months
- Call a customer service line and thank them for a good service
- Watch a meteor shower
- Learn to like eating seafood!
- Touch an iceberg
- Sing karaoke (this may require a few drinks)
- Milk a cow
- Fly first class - preferably with a free upgrade :)
- Drink a champagne cocktail in Paris
- Travel by myself
- Give blood
- Climb a mountain
- Invest $1000 a year in stocks
- Have a enough money to do all of the above!

So as you can see, a fairly varied list with sensible things, crazy things but I'm sure they are all achievable things. 
Anyway, I was going to grab a coffee but as its past 3pm I think I'll stick to green tea - I'm trying to improve my sleeping patterns. 
Let me know if you like what you read and I'll keep updating :)
Until next time

Ashleigh xo

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