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Sunday, December 5, 2010

Intern, Schmintern

Hi everyone!

Sorry for disappearing again - I have been super busy this week. I finally started my three week internship that I have been waiting for since August. 

I won't tell you which company it is, but I will say it is one of the biggest professional services firms in the world. I am doing Consulting in Human Capital :D. I get to work in a big building in the city! That has always been a secret dream of mine. 

I'm going to make this a short blog post just so you know I haven't died or anything, I've just been super busy. But the boyfriend has gone back to work now, so that frees up my evenings somewhat. I'll try and blog tonight or tomorrow and tell you all about my eventful week. 

I will say this though: This week of intern-ing has confirmed to me exactly what I want to do in life, and this firm is where I want to do it. I'm sure you can understand what a satisfying and good feeling that is. Of course, it does add stress, because I am competing for a graduate position and there is only 1 spot available - and three candidates. And now I want it all the more. Its going to be stressful waiting for that phone call - 2.5 months I have to wait after I finish - GAH! 

Anyway, I'll speak soon


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