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Wednesday, November 3, 2010

SOS & The Weight Wait

Hi guys!

Two issues today:

First: I have done something to my computer that I can't seem to undo. I know there must be some 'geeks' (who I have the utmost respect for BELIEVE ME) (and yes I'm talking about you Lachlan, dear solitary follower and writer of awesome blog Disorderly Accounts of Uni Life) reading this blog and maybe you can offer a solution.

I have a strange relationship with technology. Being 20, I have grown up with computers, DVD, mobiles, Internet etc. Actually I was talking with a fellow Gen Y'er the other day (I'm pretty sure I'm Gen Y - or perhaps a Millennial) and we came to the conclusion that we have literally grown up with technology. I remember when I was little and Dad had a computer in the spare room and it was green and black and I used to play a very pixelated version of Wheel of Fortune. Then I remember when we first got the Internet - again I was very little - and when mobile phones were boxy and big. Then Mum and Dad got a little phone when I was upper primary school and eventually I got one in year 9. Technology has evolved with my generation. Which I think is quite cool. Technology is one of my peeps if you will (no I cannot believe I used the word peeps in a sentence and no I do not think I can pull it off either). 

Anyway so I am completely comfortable with technology. I am the go to person at work for computer issues. I teach the accountants at work how to use their computers. I have dual monitors and an external hard drive. Yet somehow I struggle with small things - read on... 

BUT - I only recently used wireless for the first time the other day. My student accommodation did not have a wireless connection previous to this and when I figured out I could access it, it changed my life. I had my laptop open in the kitchen to a lamb and spinach curry recipe yesterday and cooked along with it. I also made Nepalese momos - yum!

So I'm sitting there and I'm wirelessly looking at my emails on Gmail thinking 'how cool is this?'. I'm using the touchpad, which I don't normally do, because I'm really more of a mouse person. Suddenly, my fingers do something funny and I am zoomed into my emails so far I can't read them properly anymore. I cannot work out how to change it back!!! Its not funny, I rely on emails. I figured out how to zoom it back a little bit, but as soon as I try and do it more, it zooms back in. This hasn't happened on any other webpage, so I tried closing Gmail and reopening. It remembered the zooming. 


So SOS please!! 

Second issue:

I think I will be starting a new blog in addition to this one titled 'The Weight Wait'. 
I am a little overweight. I am hyper aware of this. Its become something that I think about on a very regular basis. It scares me a lot. So in honour of the boyfriends sister asking me to be one of her bridesmaids next year, I will be embarking on a mission to a) look the best I can and b) be a healthier person. I realise this will be hard. I've tried diets, I've tried exercising but the thing I have always lacked is the accountability factor. So I am going to go online. I will write about what I've been eating, if and how I've been exercising, how I feel about different aspects of the process and my achievements and setbacks. It will be more serious than this blog, but I will keep this one going as well.

I do quite like blogging, even if I only have 1 follower (again, thanks Lachlan). I know I have readers and as a blog is something that really has the writers personality stamped all over it, its very subjective and not to everyones taste. And thats ok. 

So look out for The Weight Wait - I have to get the courage to start - Its going to work this time! And please give me feedback or ideas :) 

Ash x


30788034 Lachlan Harris said...

Depend on what browser you are using, try the key combination "Ctrl + 0" (the number zero.). Scrolling whilst holding down control changes the text size, if this doesn't work, find it in the menu:

IE 8 and below: "View" Menu -> "Zoom" -> "100%"

IE 9: "Cog" icon -> "Zoom" -> "100%"

Firefox, and other Mozilla based browsers: (In either "Edit" or "View" menus, don't have Firefox on this computer so can't check.) "Zoom" -> "100%"

Chrome: "Spanner" Icon -> "Weird Triangle thing next to the plus button"

Holding Ctrl on your web browser and scrolling (which is what happens the you move your finger down the very edge of your touch pad.) changes text size in your web browser.

I hope this solves your problem, if it doesn't email me what browser you using, or I can remote into your computer and sort it out.

Tell your friends!

P.S. I am not your only reader, as you have a second follower!

Ashleigh said...

Thanks Lachlan

I use Google Chrome for future reference :)

I figured it out by pressing Ctrl Shift +