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Tuesday, November 23, 2010

What I am Grateful for Today

I'm in such a good mood right now, I thought I should let you all know why: 

1. The happy fact that by this time tomorrow, my exams will be over for another semester - which leaves only 3 lots until I finish my degree!

2. Despite the fact my statistics exam did not go as well as I had hoped (I'm thinking I'll probably get a credit), the assignment I got back straight after more than made up for it - it was for the same class, a research proposal on gender difference in starting salary negotiation. I had worked really hard on it, and its a topic I'm quite passionate about (gender inequalities in the workplace that is) and so I am pleased to announce that the final assignment I received back for the semester earned a High Distinction :). This means that as long as I pass the exam (which I'm fairly certain I have) I will get at least a Distinction for my final grade. 

3. The fact that since having a personal trainer I have become more fit - and the trainer has to continually update my workouts. Plus he says I am his star student and my technique is perfect. I'm not trying to brag or anything. Oh what the hell, you don't know me - I am awesome ;) 
NB: Pictures is actually not of me - I'm far sexier, what with my pasty skin and little pockets of fat and forgetting to shave (no, not really - ok sometimes) - seriously, it doesn't get much hotter than that. 

4. The wonderful cup of coffee sitting in front of me powering me through the final day of studying.

5. My Shin-Bio heat packs - if you haven't got these, go get some! They are amazing. And yes I know you could just use a wheat pack or a hot water bottle, but I can use these anywhere, and they will be instantly hot. The neck one fits around my shoulders perfectly and does wonders for a sore neck, the back one has a band to put in and the little one, well thats just fun - and awesome on the train to work on a winters morning. Last night I was feeling achy (sorry boys, little girly moment coming up) with a sore neck and back from study and some pretty intense period cramps so I had all three going at once! Incredible. 

6. The fact that I am confident about my exam tomorrow - I understand the unit. 

7. The village was quiet enough last night for me to have my windows wide open and still get a good nights sleep.

8. New high score on Tetris! Yeah, I know I'm supposed to be studying for exams, but come on? I've been studying for 3 weeks and I'm about ready to snap. You read my last blog post - it was not pretty. So Level 12 baby!! 

9. This Chicken and Spinach Lasagne I am planning on making tonight! Celebrating my last night as a 2nd year uni student - and I have this unexplainable craving for chicken and spinach :)

Chicken and spinach lasagne

Have a wonderful day! 

Ash xo 

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