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Sunday, February 13, 2011

How I Met The Boyfriend

Its Valentines Day tomorrow!

I thought that, in honour of this day, I would tell you all how I met The Boyfriend.

It all started one dark and gloomy night.

Not really.

Basically, I finished boarding school in December 2007 and decided to move to Perth with a girlfriend from school. I got myself a job at the Perth Domestic Airport, in the newsagency.

I had been there about 4 months when I first met The Boyfriend. Basically he was completing his apprenticeship (he's a chef) in the restaurant near the newsagency and would come and buy his chocolate from me. I started seeing him around more and more, although we never really spoke. Then he started buying a LOT of chocolate. Like he would come in 3 or 4 times a day.

One time he mentioned that he was really tired because he had a sick child at home. I freaked out, because there was no way I was going to go out with someone who had a kid - I was 17! Absolutely not ready for that. But I got my workmate to talk to him and she found out it was actually his nephew, as his sister was still living at home. Thank god!

So I was refilling the drinks fridge one day and he came over to say hello. I did the whole hair flicky, 'I have nothing to do this weekend' thing. It took him about 20 minutes to catch on. It still marvels me that he honestly had no idea that I was blatantly hitting on him, and believe me I was pretty bloody obvious about it. Anyway, eventually he cottoned on and asked me to the movies.

We ended up going for dinner a couple of nights later, and the rest they say, is history. It helped that we lived really close to each other and worked in the same place, although I left soon after.

He is honestly the most wonderful man, and everything I could have hoped for. While I am chaotic and twirly, he is calm. He balances me. He knows exactly how to make me laugh, he knows how to make me chill out when everythings gets too much. When I get massively stressed and am struggling to get out of bed, he knows how to fix it. He gives wonderful hugs, and makes me feel gorgeous. When he's home, he gets up earlier than me and brings me coffee to get me out of bed. He makes and freezes me meals so that I eat decent food when he's not there. He accepts me for all my crazy and annoying faults.

We call each other 'Lobster'. Yes, I know its an unusual pet name. It comes from a Friends episode (where else?). You can read the synopsis here. I actually bought him a lobster not long ago. He looks like this:

I love him. He loves me. It really is that simple. 


Shannon said...

Haha, lobster? Yep, never heard that one before!

I'm your new follower, bu the way.

Ashleigh said...

Hi Shannon! Thanks for coming along.
Yeah I like lobster, because its a bit different, rather than just babe or honey :)
I'll check your blog out!

Liddy said...

I can totally sympathize with appreciating a boyfriend for being the calm reassurance in the midst of crises. It's so great to have somebody in your corner that doesn't mind reigning you in when you need it, isn't it? Also, from the way you write I bet that you and I have a LOT in common. :p

Ashleigh said...

Believe me, I don't know where I would be without him. He knows me so well, and just knows when to say 'Ashleigh. Chill' :)
I felt that too when I read your blog! Love it by the way :)