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Thursday, February 17, 2011

Not Too Hot On Summer


The summer night is like a perfection of thought.  ~Wallace Stevens

Well Mr Stevens, clearly you never spent a night in Perth during summer. 

It is currently 10.42pm, pitch black outside and still 26.4 degrees Celsius. Thats 79 degrees Fahrenheit, for all you Americans.

Todays grand total was 34.3 Celsius (93.7). Yesterday was even worse - 38.1 (100.5). 

I hate summer. Its great during December, when it doesn't get too hot. January sucks. February sucks. Half of March sucks. I walk around constantly sweating, its disgusting. I haven't been properly dry since New Years, possibly before. 

Rexona Women Clinical Protection Shower Fresh 45mL
Although my mum put me onto this wonderful deodorant - Rexona Women Clinical Protection. It is my lifesaver. Although, its not like you can put that all over your body, so you still get that fun sweat dripping down your back, behind your knees, back on your neck, top lip, forehead. Basically everywhere bar underarms :).

SO I'm guessing you have all realised I am not a summer person. Summer makes me uncomfortable. Plus with all that sweating I am paranoid I smell. 3 months of paranoia - not healthy. 

I don't like the beach. **GASP**

Yes its true. I do not like the beach. I, Ashleigh of Student Myths Uncovered, would rather do almost anything instead of going to the beach. I burn very easily, and get very hot very easily. Therefore, a beach with little shade = not happy. Then theres all that sand, and the salt water. **Shudder**

It kind of sucks that I live in Western Australia, home of the great beach. 

Cottesloe Beach

My own personal form of hell. 

Anyway, give me winter any day. This could be because in Perth we don't have very intense winters. So therefore its more attractive to me than people who have very intense winters. 

Grass being greener and all that. Or in Perths case, grass being browner. 

Food for thought.

Until next time 

Ashleigh xxx


Stephanie said...

Well, travel north for the summer, haha. Here, it's currently 30 degrees [that's -1 celsius to you]. And here I sit envying you and your summer and your amazing beaches. Want to trade? =D

Ashleigh said...

Anytime Steph! Bring it on.

grace said...

i hate that you hate any aspect of living in australia! i've been an overzealous fan of the continent for many years and would trade my american citizenship for an australian one any day. :)
that said, though, i don't like the beach either. :)

Ashleigh said...

Oh don't get me wrong, I love Australia and I doubt I'll ever live anywhere else. Its just the heat.... so oppressive :) The other 8 months are fantastic!