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Saturday, February 12, 2011

Semester 1, Here I Come

Hi everyone

So Semester 1 is upon us. I have just finished up volunteering at Orientation Week, catering to the new students on campus. There were laughs, tears, stress, new friends made, things learnt, fun campus tours. And that was just me. I can't remember what my orientation was like, it all went past in a blur and I'm sure the 2010 commencing students will be much the same. 

I loved volunteering. I loved taking everyone on a campus tour, pointing out the 1st, 2nd and 3rd most important buildings on campus (The Tav, Asian Food Van and Library.... in that order). Then at Festival Day (held on the Friday and just a chance for everyone to let their hair down) I was the jellybean girl. I walked back and forth in front of the First Year Experience stall yelling 'Jellybean! Jellybean!' and giving away heaps of the little sugar bites. People took my photo. Yes I was that famous. I was also recognised from my awesome campus tours a couple of times. 

Plus I handed out about a gazillion of student cards. That was.... ahem..... fun. 

Now I am anxiously waiting on 2 things. A) my results from the summer unit I took. I'm pretty sure I passed, but you always have that niggling doubt until you see the little black letter on your screen. B) for the phone call saying 'Yes we would like to offer you a graduate position based on your awesome work as a vacationer', or 'Unfortunately, we will not be making an offer at this time. All candidates were very strong and we wish we could have all of you, but there is only one position available'. 

Kill me now. The wait is frustrating. 

And Semester 1 begins on Monday. I have an epic timetable this semester. Uni for 1/2 of Monday and 3/4 of Tuesday. Thats it. Yes you read correctly. I am stoked. I'm going to work on Wednesdays and Thursdays and use Sunday as my 'do readings before class and catch up on crap' time. Possibly with a trip to the Fremantle Markets for my weekly food shop. 

Speaking of, I am doing this tomorrow. My friend and I will catch the bus down, have coffee on the cafe strip, chat, then do some shopping in the Fremantle Markets. Semester is beginning, therefore the time for healthy eating is here. I pay extra attention to my diet during semester because I know getting sick will have dire consequences. Plus I feel like I teeter on the edge of a mental breakdown half the time anyway, so having anything extra to worry about is just NOT an option.

I am feeling that teetering right now. Every semester I feel like I barely hold it together (although I do still get good grades) and I always worry 'is this the semester I won't make it through?'. I'm sure its not, but it always feels like the end is never in sight. But it is! 18 months and I am finished. This time next year, I will be looking at my final semester at uni. Then real life begins right? 

Anyway, I'm going to continue on my reading about Employment Relations, then move onto Safety, Errors and Accidents, and Developmental Psychology. As well as getting myself organised e.g. assignment dates in diary, books organised etc.

Much love


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