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Thursday, March 31, 2011

Everyone's Got a Story

Hello my little chickens!

I've been a bit out of the blogging world for a while now, not posting a lot, not catching up on everyones blog posts. Sorry about that. I promise to be better in the future.

I am now less wise (and yes I've heard all the jokes), 2 teeth less wise in fact. I tell you something. Everyone has a story about 'The Time They Got Their Wisdom Teeth Out'. As soon as you mention, 'Oh yeah, I'm getting my wisdom teeth out Friday, so won't be able to XYZ for X amount of time' you will hear the following phrases:

'Oh you poor thing, thats terrible! When mine came out, I swelled up and couldn't eat for days and I only had a local anaesthetic so it was far worse than a general'

'Oh you poor thing, thats terrible! When mine came out, I swelled up and couldn't eat for days and I had a general anaesthetic so it was far worse than a local'

'Well, when my husband/wife/child/friend/dog/boss/cousin/sister/pet fish got theirs out it was so bad for me because I only ate soup, because it was too hard to make anything else!'

'You'll be fine! When my husband/wife/child/friend/dog/boss/cousin/sister/pet fish got theirs out they just ate ice cream and jelly for a week and they thought it was great!'

'Don't worry, everything will be fine, its just a simple procedure'

Believe me, I heard every single one of these stories. And now, when someone says to me 'I'm getting my wisdom teeth out' I too, will have a story. 

I think the key phrases in my story will be: 'was terrified (see previous post)', 'the anesthetist was mean', 'the nurses were nice', 'they stuck the needle in my arm, not my hand and it hurt (see comment about anesthetist), 'as predicted, I sobbed uncontrollably upon coming out of the general', 'couldn't eat the jelly they gave me because I kept losing it in my numb mouth', 'the sheer number of pain tablets I had to take made me ill - so it was either horrible pain or a sick stomach', 'you get sick of mashed potatoes', 'your dad will eat both the special creme custard your nanna made you and the chocolate mousse your mum made you and think its funny' and 'you get to watch a lot of TV - in my case, dvds of the American version of The Office'. 

Recovery is imminent. My stitches came out of one side today and as soon as the other sides swelling goes down, we should be..... swell!!! Yes, bad joke I know.

Speak soon :) 

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