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Friday, March 4, 2011

The Knickers Vs Panties Debate

I detest the word 'panties'. 

It makes me physically ill. 

If we must talk about womens underwear, which being a prim and proper private school girl myself, I don't really like to do, I prefer the word knickers. Or undies. 

Not panties. 

My friends and I did an impromptu survey of this last year, after a few drinks. Turns out the world (aka The Murdoch Student Village population who happened to be walking around the Village on Mudrock night and deigned to speak to 3 very intoxicated screaming girls) is fairly divided on this issue. 

What do you call womens underwear? 

What do you call mens underwear? There isn't as big an issue here though, because they are either jocks or boxers. 

Short post tonight - I did a 20km (12 mile) bike ride this afternoon and I am SO tired! 

Speak soon

Ashleigh xx 


Stephanie said...

I say undies or underwear. NEVER panties because I can't say it without feeling dirty and sexual. They thing that kills me is when we were trying to potty train my daughter, my sister in law [visiting from 2 hours away] kept saying "Are you wearing your big girl panties??". I hated the idea of my daughter wearing 'panties' [which I find very sexual] so much that I put her back in diapers until the visit was over!

April said...

I HATE the word "panties!" I feel like it's this awkward combo of sexual and childlike. Bleh.

One time my husband jokingly called mine that. I waited a day or so, then referred to his underwear as "panties." He got the message : )

I go with "underwear," for both the girl and boy versions. Unless I'm feeling goofy, then they're "bloomers." Although now I might add "knickers" to my mental undergarment thesaurus... I like your style!

Ashleigh said...


Fellow Anti-Pantie people! We should have a FB group!

Ashleigh said...

I found an Anti Pantie group and joined :)

grace said...

anti-panty--ha! i say underwear or sometimes bloomers (just for fun), but never panties. i'm not sure why the word bothers me so much, but it does. the word 'moist' inexplicably annoys me too. :)