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Sunday, April 3, 2011

EuroTrip - Not the Movie.

QUICK COMMENT - re last post. I don't particularly want to get engaged, it was just the ease with which it was accepted by their friends and family I envy. The option is what I envy.... oh and the proposal method I have my 90% happy / 10% jealous hat on :) 

Hi everyone

Erin Rae Mac commented on my last post asking where I was going in Europe and I realised I haven't annoyed you all with excess Europe comments for a while! 

I shall give you my itinerary.

12th June 2011 - Depart Perth to London with Air Asia. We got ridiculously cheap tickets - $775 each return inc taxes :) 
12 - 17 June - staying in London with my cousin. We have a whole list of things we want to do in London - mainly the touristy things. I figure, you've got to do the tourist thing at least once right? Then the next time we go, we can do aim for the 'off the beaten path' stuff. 
17 June - Catching the Eurostar to Brussels and then a Eurail train to Cologne. 
17 - 18 June - Staying at The Express by Holiday Inn. We are catching up with some of my German friends/
18 June - Catching the train from Cologne to Frankfurt
18 - 21 June - Staying at Best Western Domicil
21 June - Catching the night train via Switzerland to Rome
22 - 26 June - Staying at the Milo Hotel in Rome
26 June - Catching the night train to Paris
27 June - 1 July - Staying at Relais De Paris Lafayette - its our 3 year anniversary on the 30th - how lovely to spend that in the most romantic city in the world
1 July - Catching Eurostar to London
1 - 5 July - Staying at Royal National. 

Notes - I have a booked a High Tea at the Swissotel The Howard. I will also be booking tickets to The Lion King stage show while in London :) 

If anyone has ideas for our itinerary please let me know! And no, don't say 'oh you should go to Spain/Munich/Scotland/etc while your there.' I have the places I'm going and they aren't changing. 

Speak soon

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