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Thursday, April 28, 2011

Ten Guilty Pleasures

C'mon. Everyone has them. Don't deny you don't. Some are worse than others, but we don't judge here. I want someone to guest post for me, so email me with your 10 guilty pleasures  and a picture of yourself at your happiest, and the best one will be posted on here - linked back to you of course! 
I'll start you off. My 10 guilty pleasures are:

  1. - Watching back to back episodes of Friends, wrapped in my doona on the couch
  2. - Licking my finger and putting it in chicken salt, and eating the chicken salt straight (I know, I know, heart attack here I come)
  3. - Tea with milk and sugar - I realise this is normal for some people, but I was always taught growing up that 'you don't put sugar in tea' - so whenever I need a comforting drink, thats it. 
  4. - Taking my hot water bottle to work with me
  5. - Putting on a pair of heels (no matter what I'm wearing), closing my blinds, blasting some music and dancing in the mirror - while lip synching and thinking I'm hot stuff by the way :)
  6. - Deliberately setting my alarm 25 minutes early, so I can feel like I'm being rebellious and 'sleeping in', even though I'm right on time. 
  7. - Blogging. I know, weird right? But I don't really tell people I blog, and if I do, I never give them the address. I don't advertise or put my posts on FB and The Boyfriend always refers to it as "blogging" (yes with the hand quotations). I feel like its my thing, and maybe the bloggy me is different from the real-life me. I think I'm more honest here, and I'm not sure I want others to see that. 
  8. - Sleeping with 2 doonas. If The Boyfriend stays over, I feel that this just makes good sense, as I tend to be a blanket-hogger, but even when I'm alone, nothing feels better than being all tangled up in blankets. So snuggly.
  9. - I never make my bed. Maybe this is an age thing, but I prefer getting into an unmade bed. As before, its just snugglier. 
  10. - Researching wedding stuff. No, I'm not engaged, and don't plan on being engaged for a long time, but just the whole thing fascinates me. I'd love to get married somewhere funky and different, like Perth Zoo, or an aquarium. And bridesmaid dress - I have in my head exactly what colour they will be - fuschia a.k.a HOT PINK. 

So there you have it. My 10 guilty pleasures. Let me know yours by emailing me at, along with a pic. 


Allison said...

I never make my bed either! I'm 27.

Anonymous said...

"...but I was always taught growing up that 'you don't put sugar in tea"
LOL! I never heard that before! And even I do that alarm trick! :D

Ever Perceived said...

I never make my bed and I totally lipsynce with high heels on to! It's good for the thighs! lol