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Friday, April 29, 2011

This is my little sister Sam's 10 Guilty Pleasures that she wanted to do, and since I love her so much and she's being really annoying right now, here they are:

Blah blah blah we all have blah blah guilty pleasures that we don't want to admit to, but considering my only follower is sitting next to me, here we go!

1. Stealing chocolates from other people and never actually eating them

2. Watching myself get dressed in front of my mirror

3. Sleeping with more than one teddy

4. Picking my toenails, it may ruin my fingernails because I have such boss tough strength toenails but I can't help it!

5. Squeezing other peoples pimples, I literally fight people for a crack at their pimples.

6. Annoying the crap out of every single person that may choose to talk to me, this could be a very generalised thing, but it makes me laugh (like now with ashbash)

7. Palmolive naturals shower milk, its the honey one... (L) i brought a different flavour not long ago and it makes me want to cry

8. Drawing little cartoon animals, I won't lie to you... I do a MEAN rabbit in a carrot farm, also a great stick figure cat and horse.

9. Soy milk, I have recently discovered it because I wanted to try a soy latte at work, and it was love at first sip.

10. Quoting gay movies, e.g. Mean Girls, Step Brothers etc.

This was when my friend Daniel brought me this tassle thing on year 11 camp... I was pretty stoked and I wore it on my shorts for week.

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