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Friday, May 6, 2011

Top 10 Guilty Pleasures - Lu3Lu from Lu3Lu's Crossing!

Hello again!

I would like to introduce Lu3Lu from Lu3lu's Crossing! She has such a sweet blog, with her inspirational posts and pretty pictures. If you ever want to feel good about yourself, and about the world, head over there!

1) Vampire Diaries
I have this joke that I wish Vampire Diaries would become like Days of our Lives and have an episode everyday for the rest of our lives. It's crazy but I absolutely love this show, like nothing no one says will get me to think otherwise.

Not only because Vampires are so in right now, but there are two sexy vampires that I get to look at and swoon over nearly everyday. How can I say no!

2) Disney Channel
I don't really watch cartoons, although I could sit through an episode of Phineas and Ferb and not complain a bit, but I do love Hannah Montana and Wizards or Waverly Place, Sonny with A Chance and Jonas LA, basically I just love love love all these teeny bopper shows on Disney.
I've been told I'm too old, and that I'm crazy for even being interested in them but what can I say they make me laugh.
Sometimes I even set my alarm for the next morning because I don't want to miss and episode and over sleep.

3) Cocktails
I could go out for cocktails everyday if I had the chance. There is just something so glamorous about saying 'I'm going for cocktails', my favorite has always been Sex on the Beach but I love trying out new ones. In fact writing this makes me feel like a cocktail right now, anyone up for drinks?

4) Potato Chips
I can never order any meal without chips even if it's a salad there HAS to be a side plate of chips. The meal just seems incomplete without it. I love them, but I feel guilty about it because of the carbs! I can go through two plates of chips.

5) Sleeping with the lights on or the TV light on
I'm not one of those people that has to have the light off in order to sleep. I kind of like light, the darkness freaks me out, and I get scared easily so I guess ever since I was a child I always felt better sleeping with the light on and I've never really stopped.
Sometimes I feel uber bad for leaving the light on so I just 'forget' to switch off my TV instead.

6) Free things
Who isn't a sucker for free things.

7) Tall men
I am pretty tall, and with heels even taller so I get excited when I see tall guys. Obviously not freakishly tall but taller than me both with and without heels.
Also, weird fact.... I like feeling short. I have a friend that says Your  tallness is such a great quality about you, and even though I love it, I love feeling short. I wouldn't mind standing around a group of tall people.

The boy is tall so I'm happy.

8) Cyber Stalking
It's not so bad, but when I get bored I like to 'check up on' old friends and sometimes people that aren't even my friends. It's fun.
I guess it's good that I am not bored all the time.

9) Long steamy showers
I just love showers, hot hot hot showers. Kind of just takes me into another world.
The boy always says I take longer showers than I need to, and I do kind of feel guilty for using that much water, but I can't help it.
I feel great after and during the shower.

10) Watching people fight
This may sound crazy but it's not what it sounds like..... or really sounds like.
I find watching shows like Jerry Springer hilarious because it's just a bunch of people arguing and fighting.
I don't like shows like boxing or wrestling though, I don't like seeing people get hurt.

Head over to Lu3Lu's Crossing to read more!

If you would like to guest post for me, with your top 10 Guilty Pleasures, another Top 10, or a different topic altogether, shoot me an email with a photo and I'd be happy to link it back to you!

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