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Saturday, January 8, 2011

Pictorial Post

Hi guys

Thought I'd show you some of my favourite photos from my life :)

Hope you enjoy!
A school diving trip to the Abrolhos Islands - 2007. We spent a week on this amazing boat and dived on these amazing reefs. Ningaloo Reef is like the Great Barrier Reef - on steroids. 

My friend and I spent the day at Perth Zoo - where I have subsequently decided I am getting married. This spot will be the place for one of my wedding photos :). I can see myself in a beautiful white gown right there. 

My little sister and I just before the reception of my cousins wedding last year. Yes we do look extraordinarily alike. 

The Boyfriend and I at his cousins wedding last year. Look at the big cheesy grin! 

My sister and I on one of our many trips down south as kids. I'm guessing I'm 11ish and Sam would be 7? Maybe

Christmas in Merredin with family. This is the first time I wore makeup when my extremely cool cousin put it on me. 

Right before the Annual Year 12 Father-Daughter dinner. That is the foyer of my boarding house

My friend took me and another friend to an Eagles game for our birthday (friend 1 has a birthday 2 days before mine, and other friend is Eagles mad). We sat in the John Worsfold box and watched the Eagles beat Adelaide - clearly this was a few years ago - 2006 I think? 

True Blue Kangaroo, Blonde Wolf and I went out one night - this is the flat I currently live in. 

This is in New Zealand 2009. I did a Giant Swing where they basically drop you off a bridge and you swing like a pendulum. It was HUGE! I'm so proud I did it though, as it was terrifying. I'm on the platform, trying to psych myself up at this point. 

On the bus to an activity during Year 11 rowing camp. 

Right before my Year 11 Speech night - I won an award for Drama

In the Boarding House in Year 11, right before a river cruise

On the way to a inter-house swimming carnival in Year 11 

Right before the sports dinner in Year 11

My winter uniform at school. I was so proud of wearing that uniform

And finally... my Year 12 Ball. 

So I hope you like the snap shot of my life :)

Love Ashleigh x (Lachlan - for future blog posts mentioning me, please note the correct spelling of my name E-I not I-E :D) 

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