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Thursday, January 27, 2011

What I Actually Did for Australia Day

This is a sad story.

Not really. But it is a stupid one.

The stupid part being me. As usual. I have a tendency to stuff things up. 

After I wrote my blog post on Tuesday about how much I was looking forward to Australia Day and the great plan I had for it, I was sitting in my room thinking about Australia, and listening to Australian songs and felt a little lonely. So I texted my friend (who I MUST think of a name for) and she invited me over to her flat.


That turned into 4 vodka cruisers and half a bottle of vodka each, a blackout by yours truly, random Australian flag tattoos all over me, a bird feather in my bathroom, showering fully clothed, vomiting, sleeping on the floor and somehow making it into my bed, my friend undressing me and me subsequently spending the entire next day going from the couch to vomiting in the toilet. 

I have never, but never, been so hungover in my life. I drank water. I threw up. I took Panadol. I threw up (just FYI, that does not taste good). I had plain spaghetti. I threw up. I had cola (see how desperate I was to get something in my stomach? I don't even like soft drink of any kind and I recently gave it up completely). I threw up.  I drank more water. I threw up. 

I had a throbbing headache. I felt so sick, no matter what I did. 

And my dear friend? Well she managed to suffer almost not at all compared to me. 

Just the thought of vodka makes me feel ill. 

But I did feel a bit better by the end of the day and made it down to the foreshore to watch the fireworks and have dinner. Didn't make my dumplings but had a hot chicken, potato salad, pavlova, mars bar slice and chips. Plus the careful sipping of orange juice and some peppermint tea. Yes I drank peppermint tea on the foreshore. I did feel old, but god it tasted good. 

Anyway, feeling much better today thank god. I just took my bike I got for Christmas out its long overdue first ride. I was a little shaky at first but in the end... it was just like riding a bike! 



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