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Saturday, January 1, 2011

Ringing in the New Year

Hi everyone

So... how did you ring in the new year? Obviously Americans are yet to do this (world superpower my ass... jjks). 

Drunken Leopard, Horny Frog and Smiling Tiger are currently sharing a flat over summer, just downstairs from me, so I had some pre-drinks there with them. Then Blonde Wolf came to pick up Drunken Leopard and they went to a friends house. I went with Horny Frog and Smiling Tiger a while later and we all met up at the Windsor in South Perth. I had a pretty good night. Drinks, dancing, and these cool bridges I kept crossing. 

But then I found out the Perth Skyworks were cancelled due to extreme fire risk conditions. Pretty sure that doesn't matter as they are being let off from the middle of a river. So I was uber disappointed about that.

Then the Windsor had a very crappy countdown which most of us missed. 

So not the best new year celebration.


I spent it happy with friends. These friends are my Perth family and are so important to me. I got to see some fireworks albeit crappy ones for like 30 seconds. 

Now bring on 2011!!

I hope you celebrated in just as happy a way to ring in the new year - whatever you did, I hope you were happy doing it : )

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